Care for your Braces

care for your braces in the denal zone clinic in dubai by top dentist
We care about every detail along your treatment journey. If you already have braces or you are planning to have them soon, we can provide with all what you need to know regarding the maintenance of your oral hygiene.

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Orthodontic Retainer Wear & Care


Your upper and /or lower retainer is a removable appliance designed to maintain your teeth in their corrected position. it also can be fixed, a wire is attached to the inside of your front teeth.

Please follow these Wear and Care instructions carefully.


  • The upper retainer shouldn't be worn while eating and brushing, your doctor gives you more instructions about the time of wearing it.

  • The retainer’s plastic taste will disappear quickly, and your speech will return to normal after a few days of wearing the retainer.

  • A fixed retainer will remain in your mouth permanently or until your doctor approves its removal.


  • Clean the retainer by brushing it with soap and water and occasionally clean it with denture cleaner, using warm (not hot) water.

  • When it’s not in your mouth, keep the retainer in a special box given to you (not wrapped in a napkin or in your pocket).

  • When brushing be careful to clean the wire and the inside of your lower teeth. Floss daily and use a floss threader between the retainer wire and the gums.

  • Bring the retainer to each appointment.

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