Jaw Joint Disorders - TMJ

jaw joint disorders in the denal zone cl

The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

is the small hinge that connects the temporal bone of the skull to the lower jaw bone. This particular joint is mainly responsible for the mobility of the jaw. There are many reasons for disorders related to the TMJ which include disc displacement and arthritis. There are two of these joints on either side of the jaw and they are made up of muscles, bones and nerves. This means that any wear and tear to the TMJ can cause migraines, earaches, and also a pain in the neck and shoulders.

One of the major causes of TMJ Disorders is malocclusion which is the irregularity in the shape of the teeth, or malalignment of the teeth. In that case, the treatment would be the correction of the teeth alignment by the safe, simple & easy way; clear aligners.

Other common causes can be due to traumatic incidents like an accident due to sports, bruxism, or even stress. 

In Dental Zone Clinic, we offer treatment options for cases where the pain is associated with a TMJ disorder, using Laser Technology to manage the pain, mouth guards and oral splints and other non-surgical ways treating TMJ disorders.

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