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Same Visit crown vs Traditional crown

How Do the Treatment Processes Differ?

When you get a same-visit crown on your teeth, you make a single appointment with your dentist. He or she uses an intraoral camera and computer-aided design to create a 3D image of your damaged tooth.

After creating the model for the crown, your dentist uses a CEREC machine to create your same visit crown at the office. When it is done, your dentist will prepare your tooth and then will bond the new crown. The whole process takes only about an hour!

The process for getting traditional crowns on teeth usually takes two visits. You can expect your dentist to take x-rays and perform any additional work necessary, like a root canal. He or she will then make an impression of your tooth that a laboratory will use to craft it. By the end of your first visit, your dentist will have installed a temporary crown to protect your tooth until the laboratory finishes your permanent one within 2 to 3 weeks. Your second visit will include removing the temporary crown, numbing your mouth, and placing the permanent crown.

How Do They Differ in Cost?

If you are considering same visit crowns vs traditional crowns, you are probably wondering which is more expensive. In some cases, ceramic crowns have similar costs whether you get them made at your dentist office or at a lab.

What Are the Benefits of Same visit Crowns?

Same visit crowns for teeth are the way to go if you want convenience. After all, you will not need a temporary crown or have to wait for the permanent one to come back weeks later from a lab. Also, you just have one dentist visit.

You’ll benefit from better comfort. If you’re worried about crowning teeth and pain, know that you’ll need fewer injections with same visit crowns vs traditional crowns.

With same visit crown, your dentist can use a digital scanner rather than uncomfortable traditional impressions to make a model for the crown. Your teeth also have a better chance of not seeing future decay. This is because you avoid temporary crowns that fit poorly and can let bacteria get into the tooth more easily.

Same Day Crowns vs Traditional Crowns: Making the Final Choice

In the end, you’ll choose the right crown for you based on your preferences for convenience, comfort, quality, and cost.

Same day crowns will appeal to you if you want a quick, convenient option and don’t mind the limitations in materials or durability. Traditional crowns are good if you don’t mind two appointments but want more options for a customized tooth that will handle more wear and tear.

When you’re considering same day crowns vs traditional crowns, we’re happy to offer a consultation to learn more about your needs. Just reach out to us to make an appointment today.

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